Wombats tour to Chiang Mai Tournament


Wombats first cricket tour experience to thailand was an amazing one. Not only were we surprised at the cricketing facility but also the quality of the teams that were taking part in the tournament. It was an excellent cricketing event set up in a serene hilly valley of chain mai. Wombats took the tournament by storm with their batting prowess. Six after six, all Wombats batsman were on fire throughout the tournament. It was the bowling however which suffered a lot which didn’t help the overall winning cause. Wombats ended up loosing 2 out 4 games. Still however they marked the event with some great lusty hitting which rang shiver down the spines of many a bowler during the tournament. They eventually bowed out in the cup group loosing to eventual finalists Wolf pack. Their one other earlier defeat was against the other finalist, Irish Pubs. All in all, a satisfactory first tour of Chiang Mai. Wombats vows to be back at the 2017 event with more vigor and enthusiasm.


Watch from 2:32 onwards for a Wombats Win


Wombats had an exceptional time in Chiang Mai


Wombats Dug out in Chiang mai