From a rag tag team 4 years ago, to one of the biggest cricket club in the UAE

Wombats Cricket Club was formed when 3 cricket buffs – Kashif Javed, Haroon Ghaus and Tauseef Qadri – got together on the Cricket field in Dubai, UAE and decided to start a club which would provide them and other like-minded cricket fans a platform to gather together and showcase their cricketing abilities.

The Club’s name – Wom Bats – was a satirical take on the fact that many called their pursuit of Cricket as a “Waste Of Money” and the reflection of all 3 primarily being Batsmen.

It was a coincidence that Wombats also are marsupials found in Australia, a home of great cricketing action and cricketers.

In the first year, the club used to field a rag tag xi comprising of friends / acquaintances / colleagues who shared a similar passion for the game. Some of them stayed on and became regulars in the club and continue to play even today, four years into the Club’s existence. Anecdotes are still regaled of how some of the current day members would be called in as replacement at the last minute and make it on time for the game to be played with a full team of eleven. The club played about 34 games in its first year, given the limited player resources and shorter cricket season.

The second year saw the club being strengthened with the entry of Hammad Usmani – who has become the pillar handling the club’s finances – and Omar Hayat – the pillar behind keeping members engaged. Kashif in the meantime moved on to Australia, where he continues to play cricket. Haroon took on the responsibility of leading the Club, both on and off the field while Tauseef became the poster boy of the club’s cricketing pedigree and continues to play a part in grooming the current members of the Club.

As the club grew in size, the number of fixtures that the club played increased with as many as 2 games being played at various weekends. With this grew the need for better organization and administration and also the need for providing members with adequate opportunities to play and engage. The Club has become more professional with various functions like Administration, Operations Managements, Finance Management, Talent Acquisition etc being handled by Committees which work under the overview of the Board of Directors.

The club boasts of organizing and running the UAE’s largest Amateur Cricket League – Dubai Super League (DSL).

DSL which started in 2013-14 with 4 teams participating in it has grown to a 8 Team league in 2015-16 and is hosting 11 teams in its fourth edition in 2016-17. This league is expected to provide opportunity to nearly 300+ amateur cricketers to show case their cricket skills over nearly 120 matches to be played over 6 months.

Following up on the success of DSL, the Wombats CC has also organized another mini league – Wombats Spring Series (WSS) – which provides cricket clubs which are not in a position to commit to a long duration league, both in terms of player resources and finances, an opportunity to experience the competitive cricket league that the Wombats CC has been able to organize.

Given the large member base, the Club has also organized the Wombats Premier League, a one of its kind league modelled along the T20 Leagues which are organized across the world. The league comprises of 7 side teams playing each other in 6 over games. The 2nd edition of the WPL saw the club members auctioned to 4 teams – LQ / KK / D47/CW. In 2016-17, this is proposed to be even bigger and better.

Apart from cricket, the club also engages in promoting social causes and has been associated with the Shahid Afridi Foundation.

From a humble beginning with 3 members, the Club has grown to be 50 members strong and continues to grow.