Yellows play as a TEAM – Captains message for Yelllows 2017-18

PRELUDE (by Babar Hashmi)

For me, Effective leaders fall in to one of three categories: i) task-oriented (dictators even) who command their troops by force of personality and knowledge, ii) men who earn respect by maintaining goodwill and harmony amongst the ranks (more democratic),and then there are those Leaders who are able to balance the gap between autocracy and democracy and who fight from the front and command the respect of people by their sheer fighting ability and people follow & respect them of their own free will.

Yellows leadership has been testimonial of this third style of leadership – as is evident by Adeel’s message for his team below – going in to their last match of the first round – a must win situation in order to qualify in top 8.

His message in his words is produced below:


 Regardless of our place in elite division or not, I believe yellows is the real example of performing as a unit. It’s indeed true that ‘whole is greater than sum of its parts’ that’s what yellows mantra has been this year. We might not always present individual brilliances but we play well as a team and enjoy each other’s performance.”……….by Adeel Safvi

“When we started our campaign, the yellows squad was a team on everyone’s radar. There were huge expectations from this brand new squad – a combination of new players and seasoned veteran cricketers.

 In the first 8 matches we didn’t perform to the full potential of our abilities. At times we had key players unavailable and couldn’t form a stable winning combination. At times, We played games with 8 bowlers and at times with only 3 bowlers in the playing 11.

 People say, losses creates problems and winning solves them.

 But I was lucky to have a team which gelled stronger after every loss. Each defeat brought us all closer. Instead of blaming each other in the dressing room, there was a will to do better in the next match. I don’t recall a single incident of frustration vented-out at each other. Not a single incident! Even when I was tough on the team, on or off the field, I received respect from the squad, which to me was exemplary behavior and made our fight-back that much more enjoyable. 

 Now that Yellows are looking really strong as a unit after successive victories and great team combination, we have become a team commanding respect and rated very high both within Wombats as well as other by other DSL teams. 

 I firmly believe we are strong as a unit not as individuals. Most teams have individual players who win matches for them single handedly but we win matches based on collective team performance. In the season to date, we have only 3 fifties and a single 5 wicket haul. 

 It’s a combination which is working for us and In order to get this combination, there are lot of sacrifices by each individual. It’s easy to say now yellows have a very good combination but these guys really went out of their way to become such a strong unit.  

  • Shehryar – aka ‘Dada’ played couple of games with broken fingers because we were short of 11 players. 
  • Rehan started this season asking to play 2 games a month, but ended up playing 11 out of 14 games. Just for the sake of the team.
  • Ali – aka ‘Google’ took out time from his studies to play some crucial matches.
  • Kidwai didn’t want to play this season but played games whenever I asked him.
  • Abdul played games while having exams next day.
  • Waqas, one of the fastest bowler in Wombats, sacrificed his bowling for the sake of team combination and never uttered a single word. Just amazing. True team player.
  • Munna sacrificed his ideal number 4 spot for the sake of team combination.
  • Osama Khalid sacrificed his bowling skills and never complaint about it. 
  • Illyas never ever asked me what number he is going to play and running all over on the field.
  • Arsalan, played games even with a dislocated shoulder.
  • Devansh, sacrificed Dubai council games to play for yellows.
  • Naqi bhaishowed up in almost every match even when not playing to encourage the team. 
  • Butt sahabsacrificed his office to play matches on Saturday and always there for the team. 
  • Rafaybowled tremendous spells but never got a chance to bowl his 5 overs in a match – but never made a big fuss of it.
  • Tashfen, what should I say. What a turnaround for him this year and credit goes to him for showing up in every practice session. Back bone of yellows bowling attack. He religiously followed games of other teams to evaluate the situation of us qualifying.
  • Babar Hashmi, I can’t forget his words ” Adeel bhai mujhe khilaney ki tension Na ley…I can even just come and watch yellows playing” amazing person.
  • Abishekh, a guy full of energy and enthusiasm, even when playing as a 12th man, fights to get in the ground just to field and contribute to the success of the team
  • Nizakat, though not given enough chances so far in playing 11, but his motivation and team spirits as well has hard work is exemplary and it’s good to know we have on the bench a keeper batsman ready anytime we need him

 I am so glad that I lead this team. From day one, I received unparalleled respect from all individuals. Although each player at some point might have received a real hammering from me but they never responded negatively to me. The Only thing I hear as a response is “Sorry Adeel Bhai”. Behavior of each individual on the field was exemplary and motivational for me as a captain.