Yellows are Gold

Cricket – Wombats Dubai Super League
22th October 2017

A short summary of Wombats Yellows team spirit – witnesses today defending a low score against The Cricketers Club (TCC) on a decent pitch.
What a match it was, the batting momentum for the Yellows didn’t go as planned even though Rehan middled the ball well in first 4 overs before an unfortunate run-out, and Usama managed a decent run-a-ball 30 . Adeel and Tashfen were able to get some runs on the board towards the end of the innings, with the skipper’s focus to get close to the 150 mark. Some nice strikes and responsible batting at the end from Tashfen meant the yellows reached 146 . (@Tash I told you your batting nets went solid).

This was hardly a sexy score board story.. But What is ‘gold’ in this bunch of “boyz 2 men” is the super team spirit. In a low scoring match, it’s easy to get trapped in disbelief and doubt yourself. But the guys share a commendable sense of positivity. The skipper exhibits confidence at all times and the guys respond to his message.

It was this energy on the field that became a stimulus for Atif Butt’s hat-trick: two great catches behind the stumps by Munnazar on fast out swinging deliveries and a third on-the-money Yorker trapping batsman lbw, after which Butt ran half a mile to celebrate , his Adrenaline fueling the whole teams morale. This was the moment that Yellows knew they can go for the kill.

Smart bowling changes with spin combo of Adeel and Rafay unsettled a strong defensive partnership built by TCC in middle overs. Maybe they thought they overcame the worst when Ahmed from TCC ,a clean striker of the bowl played a sensible and threatening innings. But he got trapped on back-foot on a ball from Adeel that caught him by surprise bowling him out. After that it was a clinical performance from Rafay (the spring in his Run-up and unique flight trajectory makes him a hot commodity). The last catch by Atif at long-off wrapped up the batting with overs to spare. Atif knew, like everyone else the team needed him to respond which he did.

My story of wombats started last month, and with my rather ‘limited’ cricketing skills and experience- I have a lot to catch up. A debut bowling over today which I’d rather forget sooner than later, However the great camaraderie in the team will keep my motivation up.

By Babar Hashmi, new-comer to the club – but hungry for the sport!
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