WPL 5 – Bid Night Awards

WPL Bid night lived up to its hype, AGAIN …

The night as always had its highs and lows, a few surprise slogs, some expansive shots as well as some mis-hits… but an overall a FUN experience…

Below you will find a compilation of awards categories for the auctioned players. You are encouraged to
vote for your nominees!! Each category has few nominees to chose from:

1- first category is “ Sasta aur miyari award”

Cheap buys but valuable players – they didn’t cost the owners much but will be valuable additions to the squads they are part of .

The nominees in this category include :
Mariaj” bowls decent medium pace – added by PBs Ballers to their squad for 200
Ghanim Feroz”, a wily off spinner with tonnes of experience picked by Karachi Kulharas for a measly
150 bucks
Usama Kidwai” – Lahore Lightning’s pick for 200 – on his day, he will hit good shots and score quickly –
let’s hope for his owners that day is match day!!
Usman Alam” swashbuckling wicketkeeper batsmen – lapped up for 200, even after being lead sponsor
for the Kulharas second year in a row
Tashfen” captain of yellows !!!, after bowling 5000 overs just this year and batting up the order with
more sixes than even he can believe , went for a scanty 225!

2- next is the “ Hungama-khez category”

These are the “Mehengay-sauday” players who after the bid, have a lot to live up to, and prove that
owners didn’t go berserk. Credibility of their reputation is at stake really. Not many nominees in this
category and no prizes for guessing the winner here – Nominees are:
Ali Gohar” bought by Master schemer Omar Hayat of Lahore Lightning for an outrageous bid of 1300 –
never before has a newcomer been so sought after. His ability to hit big and to bowl a good line and
length have prompted comparisons with the one & only Aashir Hasnain….possibly the reason for the
bidding race that was witnessed between LL and D47.
Aziz Ansari” – usually who paces his innings magnificently in a 25 over match , now has to showcase his
hitting abilities from ball one. he was fought over by all owners and went for a solid 1000 bucks to D47 –
will he give more runs than he scores??!!
Waqas Khan” , the scintillating all rounder was snapped by Green Panthers for 750, continues to be an
early hot favorite- but will he even show up to the ground!!??

3- “ Strong comebacks award “

There were a few popular Players with a good track record who had to wait quite a while before their
turn to go under the hammer finally arrived. Whilst waiting, there were a few who had chewed off their
nails and pulled out their hairs as they waited expectantly and tensely for their names to be called.
Some had been “jumping” in excitement for days while the arrogance fizzled out from few faces as the
night went on. However, these guys were able to make strong comebacks with owners saving their pots
for these strong performers
Abid Nini “- bowling faster and faster off spin as he ages – humbled for most of the night, but came back
to his groove with a 800 bid
Tauseef Taz Qadri”- normally a first choice buy for all – came on radar only in the second round of the
game; and once the name came in the market the auction became a battle of nerves between Kulharas
and Panthers, where the experience of Dada (down only few pegs so far) came in handy to bag him for a
thousand bucks in the end

4-“ The Forced marriages ”

The most interesting part of the bids – a very important category was “ The Forced marriages ”: I.e. larki
ki marzi ke baghair baap ne susraal bhej diya
this category is for 2 scenarios: players whose auction was forced on to them or players who were
forced on to the owners when they were left with no choice – (hands up/ hands down) nominees are

Atif Butt” the gladiator preferred to go to KK for nothing rather than be a slave to the diabolical owner
from Punjab!!! However KK had busted the bank on previous buys and Couldn’t afford the dowry
required to bring him home.
Imran Kamal”, an understudy of Adeel some would want to call – people will remember the name more
than the person – Krish’s hand went down faster than Usman Alam’s and reminded of primary schools
kids caught cheating. After a couple of rounds of waiting with bated breath, He was picked by the Green
Panthers team

5- Old is gold

These are the veteran cricketers whose batting averages and ages have converged in their 40s and they
still create some magic every time they are on the field.
Hasnain” , the club coach as he is fondly called – saw his bid racing up like a Lamborghini moving from
0-100 in the span of a few seconds , breaking only at a thousand bucks, good going!!
Ashir Husnain” blacks captain gone at 1150 as always going to a hot commodity!! His bid was a battle
worth watching. D47 went all guns blazing for him but it was the Indian duo of Mohit & Manoj who had
the final bid and added Aashir to Mumbai Knights
Tauseef” features here again – obvious reasons.

6 / Bargain counter n Best Buy’s

A whole lot of players were bought at the ‘just-right price’ , players might argue that their worth is a bit
more perhaps. Lead nominees are :
Haroon” 650 – this dare-devil batsman who has had every shot in the book , and fully uses the gaps as
well as hits big ones. His Value would be more if he could bowl more than those lollipops. Or is he going
to let loose some of the medium pace that he has been practicing in the nets of late!
Yasir” 650 – mathematician of the night is a calculated buy and worth the money his owners spent – but
please don’t ask him to change his shirt!!! Can he help D47 add to their tally of trophies?!
Bilal Azmat” 650 : this guy once a , threatening left arm pacer – converted in to a boring off spinner, and
also a hard hitter. The only thing he can’t do is : run faster than a snail!! Can he be the Knight in shining
armor for Mumbai knights?
Bilal Idrees” 700 – this buy was more valuable than his cricketing capabilities individually – which are
amazing to say the least, but also was able to help buy a decent team for PBS ballers. He will play chief
strategist role for PBS ballers
Jason” 550 – “captain Ice” as some know him for his ice cold approach to matches , might be slightly
over priced considering he just bowls off spin, but with his fielding alone can result in upsets for
opponents . Also – why doesn’t he show up on big night, shouldn’t he learn some Urdu already ?? Will
he blow hot or cold , wait and watch at WPL 5e
Farhan” left arm quick sold for 500, can also slog. But who is going to stop the fine leg boundaries when
he bowls his wides ? Will he hit the target or shoot wide of ot?

Let the voting begin!!!!

So how do the teams look like in the end – perhaps very well balanced without any single team having a
massive edge. PBS ballers have my vote for smart bidding – considering it was a new owner and team.
Lahore was able to build strong bowling unit while KUlharas have Legends who can turn the tables at
any time. Kudos to D47 owners who have one of the fittest units that will be rather handy in the back to
back matches. Panthers and Mumbai nights had dope performances all night, in every sense of the

Let the hunger games begin!!!