“Be the best cricketing ecosystem and have fun doing it”
WPL 2016

Cricket is not only a sport… it is a lifestyle. It engages cultures, communities and aspirations. For Wombats, it is ‘not just cricket’. It is an incredibly powerful platform for members, players and communities to constructively engage with each other seamlessly. We believe in ‘being the best we could ever be’, on and off the cricket field. Wombats embraces cricketers from all facets, including first class cricketers and aspiring amateurs of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that the lessons learn t whilst playing sport, translate directly into all facets of life. We recognize this and work actively to live up to this principle. Wombats is a family, where each member brings their own flavor and flair to the mix. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously, the acronym for Wombats is: Waste Of Money Brains And Time!

We continue to break new grounds. Our unique tie up with Aravinda de Silva, a legend of the sport, has enabled Wombats to develop cricket capability in the community by coaching and developing young cricketers. Future Legends Cricket Academy is a breakthrough concept in developing outstanding cricketing talent. Additionally, Wombats is a proud supporter of the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Whilst we continue to design, develop and operate the biggest and most organized cricket league in Dubai, The Dubai Super League (recognized as an outstanding achievement by the Emirates Cricket Board), we are well poised