Shariq Sayani

  • LocationKarachi, Pakistan
  • Squad Number2
  • Debut date

If there was any alternative for oxygen as a basic requirement to staying alive then it would be cricket for Shariq.

Current age:  32 Years

Major teams:  UBL under 15, KPMG, Wombats CC

Playing role:  Bowler

Batting style: Left-hand - Middle Order

Bowling Style:  Right Arm Medium

Cricket for him started in a 12 *10 room… he and his elder brother with toys, furniture items and at times imaginary people acting as fielders. Ample times, he and his brother used to be lone soldiers in the cricket ground grinding it out. His brother has played a key role in helping him take his baby steps into the game of cricket. He still remembers his father bought him his first cricket kit as his 6th or 7th birthday gift. Being a typical Karachiite Shariq has had his fair share of “galli” cricket and as Pakistani, the memories of 1992 world cup final and double W bowling duo is etched into his memories.

At UBL under 15 and Cricket Center Pakistan (CCP) Shariq had the privilege of being coached by ex-test cricketers. However, he got consumed by the hustle and bustle of life and couldn’t pursue cricket.

In 2006, he moved to UAE and in order to adjust to a new place he turned to his secondary life source, “Cricket”. He formed a company team and started playing on cement pitches in the middle of sand dunes and deserts. In late 2011 or early 2012, a friend (Asad Khan) called him asking if he wants to play a night game since the team Asad played for was a player short… and that phone call one evening started his journey with WOMBATS… and there has been no looking back since.

As the club grew, in 2015 for the first time Wombats made two separate sides, Wombats Blacks and Yellows. Shariq took over the captaincy of the Yellows side and some say he was not just a captain but a leader… some say he led like an army general but whatever the case may be, Wombats Yellow was like his baby and continues to be very close to his heart.

As a cricketer Shariq is a bowling all-rounder. In his arsenal he has a lethal in-swing delivery and ability to bowl yorkers at will in death overs plus he is a handy middle order batsman. When he is bowling, you don’t want to get him angry because then he goes in his “hit me boy” mode which becomes quite menacing for batsmen at facing end.

Personal statement

WOMBATS cannot be defined as a mere cricket club, it’s a brotherhood… I believe bromance is a better word. You got to be a part of it and live it to know what it is.

I wish WOMBATS all the best in all endeavors and people who are still not part of it, join the band wagon as we are going amazing places.

Upwards and forward… #Wombatsrising