Dubai Super League year 2015 – 2016 closing ceremony

Dubai Super League year 2015 – 2016 closing ceremony

The 3rd season saw the league grow in size with participation of 8 teams – 2 teams from Wombats CC (Wombats Blacks, Wombats Yellows – to accommodate the growing membership base of the club), The Cricketers Club, Darjeeling CC (the oldest Cricket club in the UAE), SCB CC, Dubai Stallions CC, HSBC CC and Loose Cannons – playing a total of 64 matches over 6 months from Oct 2015-Mar 2016. The format saw a change with the top 4 teams qualifying for the Semi finals to determine the contenders for the DSL Cup and the bottom 4 playing each other to determine the winners of the DSL Shield. Nearly 12,000 Runs were scored and 500 wickets were taken during the entire league, which speaks volumes about the competitiveness of the League and the caliber of the Players. Syed Owais of The Cricketers Club was the leading run scorer with 622 runs while Haroon Zafar of SCB CC with his wily off spinners bowled his way into the leading wicket taker with 28 wickets at 17.6 runs apiece.


Dsl Winner

Winner DSL 2015 – 16 Darjeeling Cricket Club


Runner Up DSL 2015 – 2016-SCB


DSL Sheild Winner - Wombats Yellows

DSL Sheild Winner – Wombats Yellows