Wombats Cricket Club
WOMBATS -‘It was a name chosen spontaneously based on the pun of an animal and a cricket bat.

Early Days: 2011

  • Three enthusiast got together because they wanted to play cricket.
  • The desire to play cricket quickly developed into a desire to ‘Become the Best they could Ever be’
  • The vision was not clear yet but the seeds of what could be were sowed.
  • Looking for like-minded individuals who shared the ‘Desire’ was the first objective

  • The small group of people turned into a team of 11 guys who played 18 games together.
  • A self-belief was established that this endeavor to organize could yet become something more sustainable and impactful
  • The seeds of ‘Wombats’ were sown (Waste of Money, Brain and Time)

Early days2

Initial Achievements: 2012

  • The Wombats name was officially launched with corresponding kits, banners and other mementos.
  • This signaled the first major commitment from the people who would soon identify themselves as the integral part of the ‘Brotherhood’.
  • In September 2012, Wombats started to get organized and play competitive tournaments.
  • The season concluded with participation in 34 games between September 2012 – June 2013 with a modest win-loss ratio. Membership stood at 16.

intial achievment3

Consolidation of Triumphs: 2013

  • This was the year that tested the resolve of Wombats as a community with a number of ‘key contributors’ moving out from the UAE.
  • The ability of the group to replace lost capabilities (financial management, sponsorships, administrative staff etc.) with new members gave further strength to the self-belief that we were on to something unique and sustainable.
  • The season witnessed the team taking part in 50 games with a significantly better win-loss ratio at 70 % with membership growing to 22.
  • As the Wombats brand started to get noticed, invitations from prestigioustournaments from across UAE started to roll in. That year, Wombats participated in:……:
    • Dubai Premier League : 16 team tournament in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
    • UBL T20 Tournament: 16 of the top teams in UAE playing at the Sheikh Zayed International Stadium
    • Dubai Super League: A league that was organized and managed by Wombats. The 2013 year edition saw four teams take part in this round robin format competition.

triumps 2


consolidation triumphs 1


The break out year: 2014

  • 2014 was the year where ‘Wombats became a force to be reckoned with’. The membership grew to a whopping 32 individuals.
  • The ‘Wombats Experience’ was agreed to in an AGM and the way forward was formulated.
  • The season was expanded to a calendar of 60 games to accommodate the ever growing membership, with everyone moving to a monthly fee model.
  • With ‘Wombats’ now becoming a recognizable name in all cricketing circles with an excellent reputation, the rewards were starting to come thick and fast. Some examples include:
  • Dubai Super League: Second edition saw the total number of teams rise to 5
  • Bahrain Sixes: An international tournament, where 16 by-invitation only teams participated. Wombats secured third position trophy.
  • WPL: Fashioned on the IPL, organized an Internal ‘Wombats Premier League’ where players were ‘bought’ in an auction night and played against each other over 9 matches.
  • UK Tour: Wombats toured the U.K playing 4 matches with notable local club teams.
  • The topic of Social Responsibility is infused into the Wombats Cultures, with most members championing social causes. As an organization, we decided to partner with the ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ and have contributed regularly to their charitable endeavors. To date we have donated more than AED 10,000.

afridi foundation2

breakout year1

breakout year

Dream Continues: 2015-2016

  • 2016 continues to be a splendid year on a number of front. To date the following developments have taken place:
  • ‘Membership base grew to 45’
  • Wombats is fielding two teams to ensure that all members get a chance to enjoy their cricket
  • Participation in ANIB tournament
  • Participation in the ICC 2015 tournament
  • Launch of the third Edition of the DSL with 8 teams taking part
  • Launch of the expanded WPL with 4 teams.
  • Participation in Bahrain Sixes 2016
  • Participation in the prestigious invitation-only Chiang Mai International Sixes tournament.
  • Website launch

dream continues