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Wombats Captains – DSL season 5

It gives me immmense pleasure to announce the Wombats captains for the coming season of DSL 5. Three Stalwarts have been chosen to lead the three new sides of WOMBATS, each carrying their own brand and objectives but at heart carrying the proud colors of

Desert Storm and a Lost Crow

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17 Cricket 6th January 2017 The much awaited match between the number one and two sides of DSL did not disappoint. Even though there were the best part of two spectators, one of which was a lost crow. However, there was

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All Stars gone Black

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17. 12th November 2016. Wombats Blacks Squared up against the All Stars on Saturday. Immediately as the coin hit the floor at the toss and before the umpire could announce that The Blacks had won the toss, Captain,

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Back to the drawing board yet again

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17. 4th November 2016. Wombats Yellows went up against SCB in a clash which would either take SCB on top of the points table or give Yellows a break into the top 4. The Yellows won the toss and elected to field to a

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The Last Ball Thriller….

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17. 29th October 2016 Atif Butt (Yellows) and Nauman (TCC) walked out for the toss at 7:45 am on 29th Oct’16 desperate to gain some valuable points with both teams sitting deep on the points table with only a

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Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17. 29th October 2016 Heist: Definition: noun 1. a robbery or holdup: Four men were involved in the armored car heist. verb (used with object) 2. to take unlawfully, especially in a robbery or holdup; steal: to heis

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Lights, Camera, Pink Ball anddd Action !!

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17. 15th October 2016 As soon the ICC decided to get underway with the Pink Ball, how could the DSL stay behind. The first game played with a pink ball in the DSL saw exciting moments from both sides who came in wit

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Titans Cricket Club Experience a Mortal Blow

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17 14th October 2016 Billed to be a ‘Clash of the Titans’ contest in the pre-match toss report, it did not quite live up to expectations. Despite a first over mauling by the Titans opening batsmen, Manal Siddiqu

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Wombats Yellows avoid becoming Cannon Fodder

Wombats Dubai Super League (DSL) Cricket 8th October 2016 While a professional photography team of around 15 people waited to welcome Aravinda De Silva,the Guest of honor for the crunch game between Wombats Yellows and Loose Cannons, a very hot and humid

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