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Wombats t(h)rash Booze & Co.

21 Feb 2014, The Sevens, Dubai Match #1, Dubai Super League 2014 Another bustling Friday morning with a cool breeze at the 7s witnessed an unprecedented occasion this weekend. Two Wombats sides playing side by side. 22 guys, focused on being the best they

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Wombats rocked by Seven Seas

Feb 28 2014, the Sevens, Dubai On a sunny morning, the Wombats Team headed to the home ground of the Seven Seas Team at DIP-Greens Community. This was to be the first match for the Wombats in the tournament sponsored by Taher Spices. The ground, located a

Wombats edged out by SCB

Mar 1 2014, the Sevens, Dubai On a pleasant afternoon, the Wombats took on the Standard Chartered Bank Cricket Team (SCB) at the Sevens ground, Dubai. This would be the second game of the weekend for the wombats, having played the day before against the S

Wombats lose a thriller to NBF

  Mar 7, 2014, the Sevens, Dubai Match #3 of the Dubai Super League at the Sevens Grounds dawned to a pleasant morning sky with a few scattered clouds.  The Wombats had won their first match of the league against Booz & Co. and were keen to keep

Wombats beat ABB

Mar 8, 2014, the Sevens, Dubai The month seemed to be full of double header weekends for the Wombats as they geared up to taken on ABB in a friendly match at the Sevens Stadium Dubai. The Wombats had played their second game of the Dubai Super League the

TCC prevail in a thriller against Wombats

Mar 15, 2014, the Sevens, Dubai Match # 6 of the Dubai Super League played at the Sevens Cricket Ground saw old rivals Wombats facing up against The Cricketers Club (TCC). Both teams had played 2 games before this match. While TCC had trounced the opposit

Wombats beat TCC in second round of DSL 1

Mar 22, 2014, Game #  of the DSL saw the Wombats clash with TCC for the second time. In the previous encounter, TCC had prevailed and this match was a must win for the Wombats if they intended to remain in contention for a place in the finals. Wombats wo

Wombats lose to NMC in the UBL Floodlit T20

Mar 10, 2014, the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi The Wombats team travelled to Abu Dhabi to play their second match in the UBL Floodlit T20 tournament. In their first match of the tournament, they had played Abtec and valiantly tried to chase down 217 bu