Board of Directors

Wombats Cricket Club is a self governing entity that has been a trend setter in the UAE cricket fraternity. In order to ensure that the strategic vision of the club is implemented and that new innovative projects are being added to the portfolio, a team of of 4 Board of Directors (BOD) has been put into place.

These for individuals have been with the club from the very start and have contributed in every shape and form imaginable to its overall success. Currently, there is a team of project owners that are helping them run the day to day operations of the club. For more information refer to the Working Committee tab above. Below you will find a personal message from each of the BOD members.


Haroon Ghaus: 
If the last few years were exciting, then the coming year will be a “head turner”. Welcome to the Wombats Second innings. Together we will create history and InshAllah 2016-17 will do us all proud. We will all score centuries and take fivers in a lot of new avenues other than cricket. Let’s focus on what we do best individually and collectively. #WombatsAreOne


Tauseef Qadri: 

It is with immense pride that I see how far Wombats have come. From our nascent beginnings to literally organizing an outstanding cricketing ecosystem. We boast hosting the largest league in the UAE, our youngest Wombat is 14 years old, whilst the eldest is over 70 years old! We have indeed come a long way. But the way ahead is even more exciting. High quality cricket, incredible engagement and community and showcasing cricketers ‘being the best they could ever be’. Our talent is extraordinary. Together, Wombats is extraordinary. I, personally am delighted to look forward to an amazing season where each one of us realize our abundant potential. On, and off the field!


Omar Hayat:

September marks the beginning of the 5th season for the Wombats Cricket Club. I am truly excited about what the future holds. We have gone from strength to strength, building upon the themes of passion, vision and brotherhood. With every new member bringing their own flair to the club, there has never been a better time to be a Wombat!

Hammad Usmani:

Since the formation of Wombats I am personally looking forward to and excited about this upcoming season. Apart from the ever increasing activities on the cricketing side, the most exciting part remains the new developments on the non-cricketing front. The coming months will see us embarking on a new journey with a new internal management, launching our new website, monthly newsletter, integrated social media management, member engagement activities, online cricketing platforms and new sponsorship deals. Exciting time to be a Wombat. Welcome to a new era!